Anthracite radiator valves are a great way to complete your radiator installation. This popular dark grey style of valve is often used to accompany anthracite column radiators, aluminium radiators, or even to contrast against standard white panel radiators. Many consumers are now looking for Anthracite Radiator Valves, Graphite Radiator Valves and Dark Grey Radiator Valves.

Anthracite Radiator Valves are available as both manual & thermostatic (TRV) variants. The versatility of an Anthracite Valve is that it can match with a plethora of finishes of radiators, as well as traditional and modern styles.

As well as our anthracite radiator valves, we also offer several close variants of anthracite, in blacks and greys, to assist you in finding the perfect match for your installation.

We recommend that all anthracite radiator valves are installed with sleeving kits, to hide unsightly pipework. If at any point you are unable to see the product you require, or would like any assistance, simply contact us or call us on 023 9316 2901 - we'll be more than happy to help.