Radiator Valves By Finish

Consumers, architects and interiors designers spend a great deal of time selecting the perfect radiators to complement the look and feel of the rooms they are creating. Too often they will overlook the importance of the radiator valves which will need to match those radiators. At Radiator Valves 4u, it's what we do and what we care about. We are proud to offer 16 groups of finishes & colours for you to choose from, to get the perfect look. These groups of colours range from the popular and more common chrome radiator valve, to contemporary paint finishes such as anthracite grey, to an array of finishes that are suited to traditional and ornate radiators. These traditional radiator valve finishes are available in the basic range of colours but additionally we hold stock of specialist colours such as our popular antique brass and pewter finishes. We even have stock of satin brushed finishes, such as brushed nickel, brushed copper and brushed brass. Our best selling traditional radiator valve is available in more than twelve different finishes, all in stock and available for next day delivery, across the UK. Whatever your radiator choice, we have the perfect colour radiator valve to match it.

As well as the colour, you'll need to consider a couple of other points when selecting your new valves. Will you opt for manual radiator valves or TRV (thermostatic radiator valves)? A TRV will regulate the temperature of a room, keeping it comfortable, reducing energy waste and saving you money. You'll also want to select the best orientation of valve for your installation, meaning that you can achieve great functionality while maintaining aesthetics.

The pipes that feed your radiator will almost certainly be modern white plastic or traditional copper pipe. To get the perfect finish, we recommend using our matching pipe sleeving kit, so the colour matches from the floorboard (or wall), all the way into the radiator. If a cast iron radiator is being installed, we also recommend installing with a matching retaining wall stay.