Valves By Orientation

Radiator valves are a functional part of every central heating system, and as such, sometimes an installation may require these valves to be installed in a certain orientation. Radiator pipework will generally be routed to each radiator in one of three ways;
1) up from the floor, most commonly through the floorboards
2) through a wall, which can make for a very neat and tidy look
3) along the floor or skirting board, which is least attractive, must sometime a necessity, especially if you need to avoid disturbing finished decor.

Angled Radiator Valves
These radiator valves are by far the most popular choice for the majority of installations. They are an ideal solution for horizontal radiators. Angled valves are most often installed on pipes coming through the floor, or for pipe that has been routed along skirting.

Straight Radiator Valves
These valves are ideal where pipes are coming directly from the floor, for installation into radiators with bottom inlets, such as a heated towel rail or aluminium radiator. Straight radiator valves allow for a simple and clean aesthetic.

Corner Radiator Valves
Corner radiator valves are the perfect choice for the end user who has an eye for detail. When installed with pipework that has been chased into a wall, and combined with a pipe sleeving kit, it is possible to create a discreet installation, showing no pipework.

Regardless of the orientation of radiator valve you choose, we have a broad choice of colour and finish options, ideal for matching your new radiator, and your home perfectly.
We always recommend installing our radiator valves with matching accessories, such as radiator retaining wall stays and radiator pipe covers